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Client Testimonials
"I found Carl to be an excellent trainer and his sessions are as educational as they are enjoyable. I developed muscle size and good tone after some intense sessions and that was my aim. One thing that did impress me was that Carl knew when to work me hard and when to give me time to relax and recuperate. His dietary and nutritional advice was invaluable and I would not hesitate in recommending him to colleagues."

James Tinkler
Insurance Broker
"As a professional dancer and backing dancer, my body shape and tone was already such that I did not feel it needed improvement. I felt the same way about my fitness too but just to sharpen up I booked a block of sessions with Niel through a recommendation as I was going on tour. I could not believe the difference the sessions made to my fitness. They improved my cardio capabilities no end through exercises appropriate to my dancing, and they showed me the importance of developing other forms of fitness and core strength. A very effective trainer and I can feel the difference!"

Tessa Field
Professional Dancer
"I wanted to achieve a toned body and healthy lifestyle, in the run up to my wedding. Through meeting and training with Carl, my mental and physical well being has totally changed. Carl has had a positive effect on my life, from how and when I exercise, to what I eat in between. Now I could not imagine training without him."

Helen Fletcher
Finincial Controller, IHG
"I always enjoy working with Carl, wheter it be training sessions or through the contributions he makes to the lifestyle sections of the magazines I edit. I was impressed with Carl's knowledge of exercise and nutrition straight away and that he did not go into massive details about it's benefits, but kept it simple for me to understand. This is where I saw the potential for him to make contributions to my magazines and Carl is always willing to let me pick his brains. I am sure that Carl and Target Fit will go on to make a big impact on the personal training market."

Rob Treloar
Director, RDT Publications
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