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Personal Training:

How the sessions work

Free Initial Consultation/session
Pre-exercise discussion to establish your readiness for exercise and look at any injuries or medication that may affect your ability to exercise. During this informal meet, we will discuss your goals such as weight loss or gain, flexibility or strengthening of specific areas and set targets for you to achieve. Come prepared for a bit of a workout as we will give you a taster of what you can expect from working with a trainer.

Session 1
- Lifestyle consultation to see where you can introduce more activity into your day to day life.
- Dietary review to see what you are eating and where you can start to introduce healthier options as part of an overall healthy eating plan.
- Fitness tests including blood pressure readings, body fat testing using maltron bmi (bio-metric impedance) system, sit and reach test to measure your flexibility, lung capacity test, waist measurements, heart rate monitoring and strength tests.

Session 2
Having taken into account all the results from the pre-exercise interview, lifestyle consultation, dietary review and fitness tests, an exercise programme and healthy eating plan will be devised and this second session is where you atart putting it in place. Your trainer will be there during the sessions to encourage, improve and review your progress and troubleshoot when required. Sessions Combine weight training with aerobic activity, functional core work with resistance training and will be varied to maintain your interest. Soon you will find that you will want to train more reguarly as you will develop the mind set that you are working towards something. All subsequent sessions will be a continuation of the previous one allowing for progression.

Approximately every 8 weeks a review of your progress is carried out through a repeat of the tests that were used during session 1, noting progressions. Although remember, your progress will be reviewed visually every session by your personal trainer.

The Different Personal Training Programmes:
Targetfit offer a variety of different programmes tailored for different scenarios and requirements. What this means is our programmes are tailored to your situation, be there time constraints, injuries or targets such as wedding days, holiday, sports events or stage performances. The programmes are also appropriate to what you are looking to achieve, whether it is weight loss, improvement of fitness, flexibility or postural improvements, the programmes are coordinated to incorporate functional exercises that you will enjoy.

Weight Loss Programme:
A coordinated programme that combines exercise with a healthy eating plan, the weight loss programme will incorporate a combination of CV work of your choice, to make it a s enjoyable as possible, along with light resistance, strengthening of the core muscles and balance exercises to aid with resting calorie burn and develop shape with tone. Stick to this programme and you will see a reduction in your body fat!

Fitnes Development Programme:
To develop fitness, cardio vascular work is the key. Everyone has their favourite form of CV workouts, whether it be running, cycling, rowing or swimming. However the best way of developing fitness is to challenge the body by doing different exercises. Therefore this programme incorporates a combination of traditional CV work and new forms of developing fitness such as boxing and circuits to keep the programme fresh.

Tone and Tightening Programme:
The toning and tightening programme predominately concentrates on developing muscle tone in targeted areas. The programme looks at adjusting your diet to introduce food groups that aid in reducing fat while the exercises can tackle squeezing the fat through the development of muscle in the areas of your body where the fat is stored. This is an enjoyable and increasingly popular programme.

Muscular Build and Conditioning Programme:
This is a challenging programme that requires a great deal of dedication from the client. Muscular strength can be developed quite easily through a series of coordinated progressions by increasing weights and varying repetitions. This in turn will lead to an increase in the size of the muscle but at a slower rate than the development of strength. It is definately achievable and in certain body types the results will be noticeably fast when combined with a set eating plan to increase mass. The programme is hard work but extremely satisfyind that is again becoming increasingly more popular.

6 Month Intense Wedding Dress Programme:
This is essentially a crash course but one that is very popular. Results with this programme are good as the client is always working towards a set date and the motivation to look good in that wedding dress on the biggest day of their lives never fails to get the girls putting in maximum effort. The programme combines an intense healthy eating plan with regular exercise combining CV and resistance work, depending on what parts of the body we are targeting. Despite the name of this programme it is offered to the groom to help him look good in that tuxedo. Discounts are available for couples upon request.

Pre/Post Natal Exercise Programme:
A programme established to help you keep yourself fit and healthy during and after pregnancy. It is essential to get your exercise regime right and appropriate when pregnant to ensure you do so safely and effectively. Combining a range of light CV work, light strength training and a real focus on core development work has seen this programme be a popular one.

Group Training:
Group training is a popular way of training and you see many of these types of sessions in places such as Hyde Park in London. It is a good way of sharing the cost of Personal Training and many people like to train with friends as it helps their motivation. Group sessions can be as few as 2 people or as many as 5. No more than this number however for the purposes of equipment transportation and that the session starts to turn into a class which is not the aim. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to train and can be done with friends in lunch hours etc.

Should you like to start a class such as circuits, boxercise or yoga and you need someone to lead it, Target Fit can provide you with fully qualified instructors who will provide enjoyable sessions with equipment. Contact us for more details.

Corrective Postural Training:
There are a number of ways that poor posture develops in people, and it can start at a very early age. Conditions such as Lordosis can quickly develop as a result of poor posture and although more commonly found in the elderly, it is now increasingly being diagnosed in teenagers. The difference is that exercise programmes to improve posture can prove too painful fir the elderly and as a result, it is not a recommended prescription as they may have had these sort of postural problems for many, many years. That is why it is important to improve and maintain good posture when you are young enough to tackle it.

Poor posture can be a result of things like sitting at a desk on a computer all day, weak stomach and back muscles, or years of incorrect exercise technique. The Corrective Postural Training programme tackles the issue of poor posture by first diagnosing the condition and through a series of core developing exercises, flexibility stretches and conditioning work, and then literally start to straighten you up. You will also be prescribed some exercises to do in your own time which are safe and do not require the help of a personal trainer but will help with the process of improving your posture.

This is a safe programme which has been formulated in conjunction with Target Fit's sports rehabilitation therapist and can be delivered in the comfort of your own home.

Back Strengthening with the back Support Fitness Plan:
Strengthening the muscles in the back, particuarly after operations on the discs, was something I have had a huge interest in ever since I was young, as my father had a total of 6 operations on discs in his lower back over the course of 25 years. Lower back problems are something I grew up with, as was the rehabilitation through years of observing my father's. As a result, I have witnessed the progression of rehab in this area and seen how the prescription of back strengthening, stomach strengthening and core exercises aid the recovery of back conditions.

It is within this field that I have taken a particular interest in my studies, and in conjunction with Target Fit's sports rehabilitation therapist and American based back fitnerss plans, have devised a programme that can help strengthen the back pre and post op. Through rehab sessions with our therapist followed by functional strengthening exercises with me, Carl Prince, even if you are just suffering from back ache or lower back pain, functional exercising in the right way can help remove the pain and give you a new lease of life.

Specific Torso and Core Stability Development:
Arguably the most common area of the body for which fitness professionals are asked to prescribe exercises for is the torso, in particular the abdominals. For many of my clients this is aesthetically driven as they wish to develop a '6 pack' or large chest. For other clients it has been important for them to develop these muscles as part of their sport. Torso training can also be fundemental for aiding in the rehabilitation and prevention of back problems.

The development of the torso used to be through specific, isolated training techniques, such as stomach crunches. However, the industry has moved on since and as a result the torso now benefits far more from core strength and stability drills than the isolated muscle functions.

This does not mean that the more traditional exercises should be ruled out and a s a result, this programme, when combined with specific dietary requirements, combines the more traditional exercises with the more dynamic core strengthening drills that have become increasingly more popular around the world. As a result, the results become evident that much quicker. For more information on this programme, please contact us for a free consultation.

Dietary Consultation and Weight Management:
The dietary consultation and analysis is a comprehensive look at what you are eating. The session comprises of an initial lifestyle consultation which looks at the kind of things you eat and when you are eating them. Next we conduct a lifestyle analysis where we look at your day to day activities and try to make room for the inclusion of extra activity, exercise and healthy eating. We then help you devise a food diary for the week which we review in the second session.

The second session is the review of your food diary. From the results we sit down and discuss where you can start to remove the fatty, calorific foods from your diet and replace them with healthier options. We discuss the best times to eat and portion size and get you on the right track to a balanced, healthy diet. The requirement for this programme is that we meet once a month to look at your food diary, discuss any adjustments that need to be made and introduce further reductions in your fatty food and calorie intake.

You do not necessarily have to be overweight or have high cholesterol to start a healthy eating plan. In fact, a large number of our clients who started a healthy eating plan, did so to introduce healthier options and expand their personal knowledge of nutrition and weight management. This could also be invaluable information to pass onto your children.

Yoga and Relaxation Therapy:
Yoga has become an extremely popular way to exercise. It is also a good way to improve your flexibility and relax.

Corporate Fitness Packages:
Corporate fitness packages with Target Fit can help improve the physical and mental well being of your employees.

Programmes are devised for either before the start of the working day, at lunchtimes, or after work. They can be daily, weekly or fortnightly and can be classes such as boxercise and circuits, or one to one or group personal training sessions. We can also give talks or seminars regarding exercise, health, lifestyle and nutrition.

Targetfit specialise in training clients in their homes so we excel at utilising space. As a result, should you have any spare areas you would like to use as a gym or fitness area, we can advise and supply equipment to best suit a given area.

Corporate fitness is an expanding area within the health and fitness industry, so do not miss out on an opportunity to improve the health of your employees and therefore, the health of your business!
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